The amazing thing about TellPopeyes is that it takes into account the services and food you buy. They will have the opportunity to voice their concerns and make recommendations based on how you have handled them.


In return, the company rewards you with free chicken so you can continue to enjoy delicious meals every time you go to a restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will benefit from my TellPopeyes feedback?

Popeyes receives a lot of help in this investigation. They know exactly where they are in terms of service and food. It also helps customers get better customer service the next time they visit Popeyes.

How many times a month can I participate?

The customer can only participate in this survey once a month. The objective of the survey is the quality of the results and, therefore, the need to give honest feedback once a month.

Do you have contact information to express your concern?

Yes, there are many ways to express your concern on behalf of the company. If you have any questions about the survey, please use the following contacts to contact support.


I’m having trouble logging into TellPopeyes. Please help?

Most of the time, these problems arise when you are using the wrong browser, not accepting cookies, or having a bad internet connection. Before contacting customer service, make sure you are on their side. Always try to solve the above problems.

If your tests are not positive, please contact customer service. We will provide you with the contact details of the links, websites, and social networks below. Choose what you prefer.

We share information to facilitate the entire process. Remember, participation is designed to enhance your experience the next time you eat out. Therefore, it is important to give honest feedback. If you have any questions about this survey, please leave a comment in the comment box. We are always willing to help.