Rewards Take a Popeyes poll to get your real opinion. If you are not satisfied with the food or restaurant service, you may not need to ask the owner or manager directly. To solve these problems, TellPopeyes conducted a Popeyes customer satisfaction survey.


TellPopeyes Amazing Rewards

We all love Popeyes, why not eat, share our thoughts, and have a chance to win amazing prizes and rewards? Do you want to know more about the rewards and rewards that Popeyes will give as a thank you? You can trust your favorite fast-food chain because by taking the tellPopeyes survey you can get lots of deals, discounts and free items.

  • By participating in the survey, you are entering the competition. The grand prize in this drawing is a $ 1,000 cash lottery, followed by coupons for your next visit, free meals, and chicken.
  • Popeyes loves his customers; For this reason, the customer survey is constantly updated with exciting offers and discounts. You can take the survey at any time of the year and win a lot of offers!
  • What could be better than winning a free Popeyes meal or a big cash prize by trying your favorite food and helping the restaurant improve its service!


  • After completing the Popeyes Rewards survey, you can enter the Popeyes contest. The list of winners will be published on the official Popeyes website. Hope you can also be a happy winner.
  • You can win $ 1,000 in free gift cards, coupons, and cookies. The gift card reward is limited and the gift card reward is also not transferable.

Once you understand the benefits and rewards, I think you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to take the survey. It takes at least 7-10 minutes and I am sure that a smart person can never miss this opportunity.